Benefits for Public Servants

The “open budget” software provides for interactive analytics visualizations that help looking at the problem in graphic form a different angle, which can help making quality management decisions.

Interactive visualization posted on the city website allows offering high quality services to inform residents about activities of local authorities.

The “Open Budget” allows making quick success story without raising finance, because its use is free to authorities of Ukraine. Each module operates independently from the rest and can be implemented independently. The software is used by more than 30 governments and built using open source.

Adjustment of the code is made for one city free and automatically available to all other users.

The “Budget Calendar” module use can attract more people to the budget process and accumulate their constructive ideas. The Library section is helpful in education and enlightenment of activists and local MPs.

The “Budget on the Map” module use can help attract employees of the executive committee of citizens to monitor the repair and construction of social facilities and their serviceability for warranty service, as the Lviv City Council did.

High quality management decisions, transparency and accountability of the authorities, the availability of tools feedback is the foundation of building trust between the government and the community.