What it gives to the community?

According to Ukrainian legislation information about the use of budget funds cannot be limited to access [1], and authorities are required to publish information on their use of taxpayers’ money [2]. Responsibility for it at local level often relies on financial management that consolidates information of budget executors. Financial management publish budget information in aggregate form, since executing its tasks, in planning and coordination of indicators they operate aggregated data that are valuable for decision making, but have no significant information value for citizens. As a result, from a formal point of view, the information published, but in a format that does not allow citizens to understand what they are getting in return for paying taxes - it is problem the “Open Budget” project is designed to solve.

To solve it the “Eidos” Center group developed the Law on Openness of the Use of Public Funds [3] and software complex, which is presented on this web site through which governments can improve the quality of information provided to citizens on the use of budget funds on their own website. Each of the software modules is designed to solve a small part of a huge problem low level of transparency and accountability:

The “Budget” module gives an overview of the local budget and allows comparing city costs and family budget and form an opinion on the adequacy of funding.

The “Budget of the Map module offers answers to questions what will be built or repaired at the place of residence. (Soon module will improve in terms of integration with the E-data portal Prozorro and State registry of legal entities [4], enabling citizens to execute civic control and turn the module into an anti-corruption tool).

The “Budget Calendar module offers information how to contribute to the budget process and tools influencing the use of public funds.

The “Key Performance Indicators module present a cross-section of indicators of social and economic dynamics of cities, offering an ability to get one-click document explaining the status of the corresponding figure in the appropriate year.

The “LibrarySsection contains selection of textbooks, manuals and publications relating to issues of public control, strategic planning, budget system, local budgets, public procurement, monitoring and evaluation.


[1] para 5 of Article 6 of the Law “On Access to Public Information”

[2] Article 28 of the Budget Code of Ukraine

[3] Detailed information about activities of the Center Group aimed at advocating the draft Law and its implementation is available at www.eidos.org.ua

[4] Unified State Register of Natural Persons and Legal Entities