Budget Comparison

An important feature of the Open Budget software is ability to compare budgets of various administrative units [1]. To determine the adequacy of resources allocated to particular items of expenditure it is not sufficient to compare absolute values (Kyiv budget line is much higher than that of Uzhgorod), so the software makes it possible to calculate the budget per inhabitant and the beneficiary for each budget item.

Significant deviations in financing of budget lines may indicate different approaches of local authorities to address problems of proper scope or effectiveness \ inefficiency of resource use. Through differences in funding this module allows raising discussion about borrowing the experience of other communities in solving local problems.

Module’s functioning can be checked here.

[1] Availability of information on administrative-territorial unit depends on the local government or executive body, responsible for loading information to the portal. The list of authorities that are connected to the open budget can be seen on the home page.