Budget Calendar

The “Budget Calendar module is intended to automatically make a combination of visualization on a single timeline of budget process stages, actions of the authorities and possibilities opened up to parties concerned to participate in the budget process. The budget process takes about 2 years. So, the present year there may take place the activities dedicated to planning the next year’s budget, the current budget and reporting for the previous year. The budget process is non-obvious to ordinary citizens, sometimes they observe the battles fall during its adoption at the session hall. Thus, when active citizens who do not know the timing of the budget process, come with their proposals at the last moment, they often feel frustration because they are offered to submit their proposals next year.

Therefore, there is a need for a convenient instrument of enlightenment of active part of the community that would allow focusing the citizens’ activity at the right time, giving it information about necessary tools of local democracy by which one can take part in the budget process.

As well, the budget calendar performs the navigation element function, which one can use to move from one stage of the budget process to another. Each stage contains information about actions of the authorities and procedures for public participation if they are appropriate and possible. Pressing any of the stages of the budget process on the right side changes description of actions of the authorities and community. The length of the item on the calendar identifies its duration.