About us

The project “Open Budget is intended to create tools to increase transparency and accountability of local authorities.

Our strategic objective is to spread the project’s instruments of among all cities of regional subordination of Ukraine and RSA’s (Regional State Administrations) that have no own tools or mechanisms in the field of financial transparency and accountability.

The team is promoting ideas of using open source, implementation of e-governance tools, use of open data, increasing transparency of the authorities. We are also open to cooperation with developers and experts in the IT sector as well as NGOs.

The project could not have happen without dedication of the Center Eidos team” Volodymyr Tarnay & Sergey Karelin, technical support of team of developers led by Valeriy Kashpruk, constructive criticism of Max Klyuchar, advice of many practitioners and employees of financial departments, supported of international partners in various stages of the project - the European Union, the Foundation Revival, UNDP, US House, Open Knowledge foundation and many others.